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Online therapy may not be suitable for individuals with severe or complex mental health conditions that require more intensive treatment or face-to-face interaction with a mental health professional.


Please call NHS 111 (UK only) for urgent mental health support.
Samaritan offers a confidential helpline 24/7. Call 116 123 (UK only)

If your life is at risk right now
If you feel like you might attempt suicide or have seriously harmed yourself, you need urgent medical help. Please:
•Call 999 for an ambulance (UK only)
•Go straight to A&E, if you can
•Call your local crisis team - if you don't already have their number, you can find an urgent mental health helpline on the NHS website
If you can't do this yourself, ask someone to help you.
Mental health emergencies are serious. You're not wasting anyone's time.

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